"Using Middle America as her muse, Kowch draws the history of a particular place -- invariably rural -- to the surface as it collides with a new reality in layers of metaphor and moodiness. The faces of her women may remind you of characters in a Tim Burton film."
--Steve Parks, Newsday

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

I, along with other artists from all over the world recently completed sketchbooks for The Sketchbook Project, a project that's goal is to create a giant collective of sketchbooks from around the globe, and make it accessible to everyone. The sketchbooks will go on a nationwide gallery tour across the US, and afterwards be permanently housed in the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY. Visitors will receive library cards and be able to view the books at exhibitions around the country.

I am very excited to be a part of this! I have never been one to fill sketchbooks from front to back, as I usually only use them to work out my processes for final paintings and illustrations. So, I decided to take part in this in order to make myself go back to the basics, try out some new techniques, and simply free myself up a bit and allow my imagination to run where it wanted to. It was extremely refreshing and a healthy challenge for the creative process.

So, enjoy a little peek into my quirky mind, and be sure to check out a few more here on Flickr, or MyArtspace. The rest will have to be seen in person :) Each artist was assigned a theme, and mine was It's Not Easy Being Green. Make of it what you will! I decided to take the phrase loosely, allowing it to encompass not only "green" objects and such, but the broader scope of connotations that "green" carries for us in this day and age - our planet. Here are the cities and official tour dates:

January 29 - 30, 2010
Art House Gallery
309 Peters St
Atlanta, GA 30313

February 19 - 21, 2010
303 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

March 5, 2010
Laconia Gallery
433 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 2118

March 6, 2010
Brooklyn Art Library (Grand Opening Party)
201 Richards Street #16
Brooklyn, NY 11231

April 8 - 11, 2010
Art and Shelter Gallery at The Salvation Army Alegria
2737 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

April 16 - 18, 2010
Soulard Art Market
2028 S. 12th St
Saint Louis, MO 63104

May 7 - 9, 2010
Home Gallery
1407 E. 54th Place
Chicago, IL 60615


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Dude. Your sketchbook is something I would die to own. It is AMAZING and so so so inspiring. I wish mine was as cool as yours, man. Keep it up!

You should post more sketchbook work.

harts15 said...

I really like this type of art, it is nice and thoughtful to look at.